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I'm the co-founder at Just Media Design, I've worked for a Silicon Valley Incubator, I co-host the iTunes #1 podcast Living Outrageously, and Social Q&A. I'm the author of the Amazon best selling Outsource Your MVP and am a world record holder.

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6 Simple Step For Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business
January 13, 2014 mattkelly.com.au Step by step

Over the past few years, I’ve run hundreds of social experiments, built communities with tens of thousands of participants, used the power of social to validate business decisions with real target market data and created solid brands using Facebook, but from time to time, when speaking with small business owners about social media, I’m often hit with some fairly basic questions, so rather than go deep into strategy today, I thought it might be a good opportunity to go back to basics for those new to the medium!

Whether you’re looking to create a corporate Facebook page for your business, your personal brand, or an online community, the process you go through is actually very simple. Many people find this intimidating, and procrastinate on creating their corporate presence, but with a few simple steps, you can be up and running in minutes. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Sign up and log in!

If you don’t have a personal Facebook account set up as yet, you’ll need one. Don’t worry, this doesn’t need to be a page you actively use, it will simply be the account that you use to manage your business page.

Head on over to www.Facebook.com and enter in your personal details (again, these should be your own, not your business). If you do have an existing personal Facebook account, jump ahead to step 2.

Step1_Sign up or login

Step 2: Claiming your page

Once you’ve logged into your personal account, you’ll need to head to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

Step 3: Selecting your page category

Here you’ll select on the category most appropriate for you. You should choose the most accurate representation of your business here as different functionality is provided to you based on the category you select.

Once you’ve selected your category, enter in the details requested (I’ve provided an example below).


To provide an example, I’ve elected to create a corporate page for my personal brand. As a result, I’ve selected ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure’, then ‘Business Person’, and I’ve entered the page name as ‘Matt Kelly.

Step3.2_data entered_your_category

Step 4: Adding your page description

Here you’ll need to add  a short description about your page, be aware that this only provides you with 255 characters, so be succinct! The website link you provide will later be accessible by visitors to your page via an ‘About’ button which will appear on your profile.


In my case, fitting with the theme, I’ve once again provided an example of what I would enter for my business page.


Step 5:  Upload your profile photo

While you don’t have to complete this immediately, I’d recommend uploading an initial profile photo. This could be a photo of yourself, your team, your product or your logo. The profile photo will display at 160×160 pixels, but I’d recommend uploading a file that is as large as possible, so to ensure the quality of the image remains high.


In my case, I’m uploading my usual profile photo.


Step 6: You’re finished!

Now your page is live! When you’re ready, you can upload a ‘Cover’ photo,  this is a large rectangular image which will appear as a banner along the top of your page. You should also start to post some content before telling anyone about your page to maximise the likelihood of your following hitting the ‘like’ button and ultimately subscribing to receiving your content in their newsfeed.

Be aware that anything you see above the thick blue line below is part of your Admin Panel, and is not visible to viewers of your page

Step6_completed profile

When you’re ready to start posting, simple click in the text box titled ‘What have you been up to’, and enter in your first update.

Step6.2_completed profile


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