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Firstly a marketer, I'm a digital strategist and content creator. I love engaging communities and building properties that inspire action.

I'm the co-founder at Just Media Design, I've worked for a Silicon Valley Incubator, I co-host the iTunes #1 podcast Living Outrageously, and Social Q&A. I'm the author of the Amazon best selling Outsource Your MVP and am a world record holder.

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Hey You! Ever Thought About Self Publishing?
October 25, 2012 mattkelly.com.au Business

This might possibly be my shortest blog post ever, but after spending so much time talking about this topic on the Living Outrageously Podcast, I feel it’s necessary to put some of these words down on paper. Many of the readers of this website will have found me through either the Living Outrageously Podcast or my book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Outsourcing With Confidence, those people know that I love being a content creator.

If you have a skill, capability, passion, piece of knowledge – or have even just read something interesting, I truly believe it’s your responsibility to add that value to the world. Become a creator of content. If you’ve got that capability, its your responsibility to add that value to the world – improve it for yourself and others around you by empowering others with knowledge!

There are thousands of platforms like; YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Blogs, Twitter and Tumblr and these each make it so simple to take the first step (Tip: Want to write a book, check out Lulu.com – It’s made publishing my book a simple process!).

Do it! Add your value! Improve the world! Why wait?

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