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Firstly a marketer, I'm a digital strategist and content creator. I love engaging communities and building properties that inspire action.

I'm the co-founder at Just Media Design, I've worked for a Silicon Valley Incubator, I co-host the iTunes #1 podcast Living Outrageously, and Social Q&A. I'm the author of the Amazon best selling Outsource Your MVP and am a world record holder.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Dominating With Sushi
December 29, 2012 mattkelly.com.au Interviews

Ever wanted to start your own restaurant? What about innovating on the existing model? Trevor Ragan took on the challenge, built the world’s first online restaurant. He tells the story of starting Sabi Sushi while in college, learning how to be ‘lean’, bringing on a big name TV chef, winning tens of thousands of dollars from business competitions, creating huge guerrilla marketing tactics and innovating in a big way.

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