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Firstly a marketer, I'm a digital strategist and content creator. I love engaging communities and building properties that inspire action.

I'm the co-founder at Just Media Design, I've worked for a Silicon Valley Incubator, I co-host the iTunes #1 podcast Living Outrageously, and Social Q&A. I'm the author of the Amazon best selling Outsource Your MVP and am a world record holder.

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The Launch of JMD
March 2, 2014 mattkelly.com.au Outrageous

This is a copy of my latest article over at the JMD Medium account.

My name is Matt Kelly, I’m the co-founder of Brisbane’s brand new digital agency, ‘Just Media Design’ and for the past 12 months, I’ve been actively participating in the technology community of Silicon Valley in Northern California. Working at a startup incubator in one of the fastest environments in the world has been an incredible experience for me, but before I go any further down that path, I should probably introduce myself.

The prospect of social networking started to spark my interest back in 2005. I was preparing for a business degree, and the prospect of scaling real-time conversations for personal and business was particularly interesting.

Shoot forward a few years, and I now have a degree in marketing and management, worked some fantastic marketing focused roles in Queensland and overseas, wrote a book, and got really lucky when the podcast I co-host topped the iTunes charts in its respective category.

12 months ago, I moved to Silicon Valley (based in San Francisco), to take on the role as Head of Product Marketing at a tech startup incubator (/accelerator/idea lab). While there, I had the absolute privilege of managing marketing initiatives throughout the re-acquisition of Bebo (including being part of the team that created ‘that infamous viral video’). I worked on consumer focused apps and online platforms (from new products in their infancy through to established platforms with over 50m users). But most importantly, I worked with a team of some of the most well established engineers in the world, and perhaps one of the brightest up and coming minds in product and strategy. This experience provided me with an incredible about of insight into the way the world is going for tech centric companies.

Brisbane will always be home for me, and while my experience in the USA was amazing, I knew it was time to return.

Here are a few of the reasons why I’m excited to be back in Brisbane, building Just Media Design…

Results orientated delivery

I’ve spoken with a few industry friends since arriving home, and it seems that (especially for the local dev houses), the trend is going towards delivering a result, not just an online product. In the past, many agencies focused on designing a tactic, and spent a lot of time and money building, then launching. The deliverable was the product, whether the result was achieved or not. With the growing movement around being ‘lean’, agencies who focus on crafting solutions that can be validated and iterated on over time to achieve the best possible result (for the client), will win. I’m excited to see more agencies adopt an iterative approach to get the best results for clients.

Brisbane startup scene

The startup scene in Brisbane is (obviously) still very much in its infancy, but with more and more incubators, accelerators and tech-focused investment entering the market, this is a promising space. I’m extremely keen to get more involved in local startups and do what I can to continue the community growth curve. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $16b this week validates that apps with high engagement (75% of WhatsApp users come back every day) are ultimately treated as assets, it’s time we take a step forward onto the global stage.


Awareness of the growing social space is becoming even more evident in our conversations with so many of the business we engage with every day. Whether the focus is on a low risk ‘off brand’ community growth tactic, or an all-out assault on the digital landscape, this is something that I’m passionate about?—?and I can’t wait to see (and be part of) the growth!

First and foremost, I’m excited to get involved, to participate in the community, and to help local founders not let a lack of funding (or even knowledge) get in the way of their big idea coming to fruition.

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